7 Online Tests To Use For Gauging Your Speed Reading Level

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7 Online Tests To Use For Gauging Your Speed Reading Level

Discover how fast you read with these easy-to-use, free speed reading tests. Start assessing your speed reading level today!

Do you ever wish you could read faster? With free online speed reading tests, you can now assess your reading speed and accuracy to understand how quickly and accurately you are able to process text. Start testing your speed reading skills today!

The Optima Learning Speed Reading Test

The Optima Learning Speed Reading Test is a great way to quickly gauge your speed reading level. This test measures two things — how quickly you can read and how accurate you are when doing so. During the test, you’ll be presented with blocks of text which will slowly increase in difficulty. You’ll be timed on how quickly you finish each section and then provided with a score based on accuracy.

Test Your Reading Speed with RS Test

The RS Test challenges you to read passages of varying difficulty levels and measure your speed reading rate. After taking the test, you’ll receive a score based on how quickly and accurately you read, along with advice on which words or phrases you could have silently re-read for better accuracy. You can even adjust the level of complexity to suit your needs — making the RS Test a great option for any reader looking to stretch their speed reading skills!

The ReadSpeeder Test

The ReadSpeeder Test (RS Test) is the best way to measure your speed reading level and keep you ahead of the curve. Every RS Test contains passages ranging from beginner to expert reading levels, allowing you to test your skills and gradually improve them over time. With an interactive scoring system and helpful advice, this online speed reading test is perfect for anyone who wants to take their reading skills to the next level!

7Speed Reading Test

7SpeedReading Test is revolutionary online speed reading test that measures your specific reading skills. It’s perfect for those who want to find out how quick they can read through various texts—from essays and newspapers, to magazine articles and books—and pinpoint any areas needing improvement. Although it won’t tell you if you are an expert reader, it will give you some insight on what type of reader you are and how to increase your reading speed.

AceReader Speed Reading Test

The AceReader Speed Reading Test is an online speed reading test that helps you measure your reading speed and accuracy. It challenges you to read simple or complex passages of text, then records your rate and accuracy. The test offers instant feedback to help improve your skills no matter what level of reader you are. Additionally, the test can be taken multiple times, helping you track your progress over time.


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